From concept to execution the Shisanyama Festival and the Shisanaya Awards was our baby. I recall the day I came up with the idea with such clarity. In a room, with executives and government officials, looking to secure support for a local event. In my desire to influence I asked a critical question ‘Why are there awards for coffee shops and baristas, but none for shisanyamas and their chefs? Why is this thriving sector of our economy not recognised, rewarded and promoted?’ You could’ve heard a pin drop in that room – that’s when I knew that I had a GREAT idea.

Here I sit today, three events later, a pandemic blazing across our earth, and in my head and heart I can still smell the perfectly cooked meat, hear the good music, and feel the South African culture (it’s like no other)!

Take a look at our last promotional video, for your viewing pleasure!