The one good thing about lockdown is the extra time available in the day, thanks to not traveling in to the office.

It’s given us a chance to look in to old photo archives to put up memories that bring back warm fuzzy feelings, to a time when events were thriving and in this case, the smell of burning rubber was in the air.

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Ah, the SupaDrift days …. with Mikey Skelton and Jim McFarlen. Our first real track side experience and what a thrill it was! The best part was seeing the look on a journalist’s face when they climbed out of a smoke filled cabin after a test ride. The big smiles made our day! Relationships were forged and good times were had by all.

It’s certainly where our love for the track started. Nothing beats the sound of a V8 engine roaring around corners to the applause of a crowd.

The skill of drifting also makes for great PR photo stunts, like the one we did to promote the Top Gear Festival in Durban.

And the press absolutely loved writing about this sport. It just goes to show, that digital experiences might tick boxes for the near future as we social distance to save lives, but nothing will ever trump, in the flesh (and metal!) motoring events like SupaDrift. Hearts thump, adrenaline pumps, and the boerie rolls are delish! We can’t wait to get back there.