Giving a ‘continental’ is a motto close to our hearts. We look to work with people who care. People who care not only about their work, but their relationships too.

A colleague once shared an interview experience where she was asked to hand over the names and numbers of previous suppliers. The potential employer’s intention was to find out how she had treated them. They believed that how you treat subordinates, particularly those who rely on you financially, is very revealing of your nature, and how many f*%#s you really do give. How ingenious!

A person who truly cares will resolve a supplier dispute long before it impacts a big project’s timelines. A person who cares will recall the details of an important contact’s life because she really was listening. And that recall will secure a main newsfeed placement because of it.

You see, having high EQ has been a rare talent, in a world where bravado and confidence are admired. In my experience, it’s the thoughtful and intuitive colleague who prospers long after the peacock has left the room.

In all our endeavours we try to be present, we try to give our clients the space to air their ideas, their concerns, their excitement. And we regularly check our ego!