Caring trumps talents and smarts, every, single, time.

What makes us remarkable, is that we care.

We care about stories, people, and results. We understand the responsibility of telling your stories online, in a world where every word, picture, film, lasts forever on servers around the world. We know that relationships are the core of our business – we are generous and we thrive on connecting people and ideas. Finally, we measure everything and we care about delivering results – you’ll never have to push us to achieve your goal.

Our Work

We service businesses that rely on off-site presence and influence, in order to drive website traffic, create sales leads, and to build credibility. We offer a full service public relations offer, from profile building to product promotion, and from ambassador management to more traditional PR. We believe our credibility is most important.

Below is what some of our clients and peers have to say about us.

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AutoTrader CEO says “Have Your Say is a business that not only thinks outside of the box, they also generate answers to solve problems that we sometimes internally get stuck on. They have their fingers on the pulse and a good instinct. I highly recommend them.”


Food & Drinks Editor at Independent Media

As a journalist, I come across and deal with many people in the PR, Marketing and Eventing space. I have come to have my favourites, the people whose calls I pick up seconds after my phone rings, whose emails I quickly respond to and will likely end up working with on a project they are pitching. Michelle Lewis is one of those people. A consummate professional, she is always a pleasure to work with and be around. You can always rely on her to deliver the goods, no matter the difficulties she may go through to get it done.
In an industry filled with people who are all about their personal brand and making themselves the story, Michelle is old school. The brand she is working on remains the story.


Group motoring editor, Arena Holdings: “I have a very positive experience of working with Michelle Lewis. She is one of the motor industry’s most professional and hard-working public relations practitioners, and goes the extra mile in providing interesting and relevant content. It’s a pleasure dealing with Have Your Say.”


“#dreamteam! Together we have done amazing work. Thank you for the past two years! I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive and loving team. Here’s to all the beautiful memories,” Head of Customer Experience, Volvo Car South Africa


Wheels24 editor says: “This incredible team are a force to be reckoned with. Their professionalism and work ethic is highly recommended. Not only are they all a bunch of sweethearts, but their innovative ideas and concepts are always refreshing and ‘out of the box’. They go out of their way to deliver excellent work, and are often so thoughtful beyond any client expectations. It’s such a pleasure to work with anyone of the Have Your Say team members, and in an industry where the economy battles to survive, they are such a refreshing ray of lights.”